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August 5, 2017



I'm a huge hip-hop fan.


You probably wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at me (note picture below), but for some reason I love it.


Well, it's not like I just woke up one day and decided to bump Young Money and B.O.B (shouts out to middle school), there's some limited substance to it.


One, I'm a big words guy. I like having the power to say what I want and how I want it to be said.


That's why I write.


Placing, bending, and messing around with words is fun for me and (hopefully) entertaining for others.


I'm currently a college student, honing my writing skills in the sports journalism field (this music stuff is just for fun).


Two, I love hip-hop beats that absolutely slap.


To me, there's no better way to relax or focus than putting on a solid pair of headphones and just vibing to a beat.


It's like white noise with an artful twist.


To me, listening to good music is almost as if I'm watching an engaging movie, but with my ears. Absolutely cranking up the volume on headphones and listening to something that gives me  suspension of disbelief -- momentarily takes one away from reality -- feeling, makes me appreciate a few things.


It is really tough to produce a quality track. From having that innate musical touch, to knowing the ins and outs software, and then finally mixing and mastering a song...that takes a lot of work.


Three, I did not grow up or experience exposure to inner-city environments. The majority of hip-hop music is derived from everyday people that grew up and experienced that life.


Sharing stories, reliving experiences and hearing the thoughts of artists that come from a city like Compton, Harlem or Long Beach, is not only intriguing, but expands my mind.


Not only that, but hearing anyone that went through different life experiences than myself makes me realize how important it is to hear other people out.


Even if it's just through music, I feel as though it's important to keep in touch and stay informed about parts of the world that I may have never got the opportunity to experience.


So, yeah.


That's a short synopsis of why I'm an avid hip-hop fan.


What is 14 Days?


The goal for this blog is to commend the music I enjoy, condemn the music that sucks and also give my general opinion on what people are listening to.


After a project drops, I'll listen to it a few times, as I normally do, and let it all settle in.


Then, two weeks after its release I'll write what I think about it. Hence the blog's title, 14 Days.


Hopefully I can keep up with it and serve my extremely vast amount of readers.


- Justin



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